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Do hiring event management companies is an appropriate choice for budget management?

Planning an event seems to be very easy and joyful work, but have you ever tried it doing by yourself? If no and now you are planning to organize an event then you must be aware of each pros and cons of event management. Do you know in event management the basic concern for each event planner is budget management, which always exceed the expected limit and becomes the main reason of mismanagement. Most of the people think that hiring an event management company will raise the budget, bust actually it is a misconception.

Know how an event management company in Sharjah can assist you in budget management:

An event management company gives you a number of options to cut down expenses. Don’t you believe this, then after reading this blog you will get so many reasons to hire an event management company and also a way to make your event amazing and successful.

Most of the people spend approx. 50% of total budget in venue booking; it is due to not booking appropriate venue at appropriate time. Event planners are highly skilled with the attribute of venue selection and booking and therefore serving you with an amazing venue selection which can easily accommodate your expected guest list and also at a convenient location. The best fact about event management companies is that they are having tie-ups with several excellent properties which you can select for your venue in an affordable price.

  • Vendor booking

Another major aspect for organizing an event is prominent vendors. You may be or may not be aware of prices of vendors, but event planners are well informed with the cost of each vendor for each task. Therefore they assist you to hire the best and most reliable vendors which will serve you with appropriate services to make your event successful in an affordable price.

  • Costume designing

For a bride and groom costume is also an important factor which gives them the best look. But it is mostly seen that they are stressed out to find out the best costume which can provide them desired look. Instead of searching an appropriate dress you can ask designer to deign it in your own way. If you are finding difficulties in searching designer then you can take assistance of event planners in Dubai.

  • Décor

Most of the couples spend lot to give an amazing look to their venue, but do you really think spending a lot of money is required to decorate your venue? Then the answer is no. If you choose decoration probes wisely then you can easily cover your decoration part in affordable amount.


Which strategies are used by event planners in Dubai to organize the best event?

Event can never be defined as gathering of few people and a bit decoration of venue, but it is much more than that. Each day number of events are been organized but only few of those are counted as successful and memorable. Anyone can plan and organize an event, but to make that day the best for all those who took part in that event is a great deal. Planning and execution are two different part of an event planning. Most of people plan a number of things to organize the event but only few of them are able to execute the same as they planned. To drag your plan into existence you need an effective strategy which can give you expected results. Event planners in Dubai are experienced and work on proven strategies so as to attain the expected result and also to make each event an unseen one.

Most of the event management companies own a tech savvy team so as to simplify the event management process and make it one of the most flawless one. Few of the strategies which are used by event organizers in Dubai are listed below:

Pre booking:

This is the fact that each and every excellent vendors and also venues get booked at the very first point. Therefore to serve with the best services and venue of your choice, event management companies book every required facet in advance so to get in lower rates and also a confirmed booking.

Make use of excellent connection:

Either a huge event or a small one, budget remains the main concern for each and every one. Therefore event planners in Dubai make use of their connections all round the world and try to crack the deal with each vendor at the lowest possible cost. This helps you to save a huge amount of money.

No experiments:

The biggest mistake which is normally done by a fresher is that they go for the experiments. But the only thing you have to keep in mind is this event is very special for the host and is being organized to accomplish a particular purpose. So if you does experiments then there is a 50-50 change to get success or not. If it succeeds then well and good, but if not then it may put a bad impact of the work history of that event management company. Therefore experienced event planners never opt any kind of experiments and only choose the proven and successful techniques which ensure to give excellent results with a stunning, well arranged and amazing event.


How Arabic wedding planners in Dubai can make your day amazing?

Wedding is although an amazing day for which each and everyone is having multiple dreams. Of course people want to make this amazing day memorable but when it is an Arabic wedding and you are willing to make it a traditional one then you may require an assistance of Arabic wedding planners in Dubai. The wedding planners are well informed with each and every tradition which must be followed in an Arabic wedding keeping each ritual as an important one.

There are number of rituals followed in an Arabic wedding starting from engagement till wedding reception. Arabic wedding planners are professionals and make it more than a tradition which means fill each moment with lots and lots of enjoyment making it as one of the most memorable day of your life.

Arabic wedding traditions and enjoyment:

  • Engagement:

It is a day when the couple exchanges their rings in front of friends and family and accepting each other as their wood be better half. More or less it is like wedding reception which is carried over with music, entertainment, dance, delicious cuisine, and lot more. It is not made as grand as wedding reception but still a really memorable day for the couple which connects their heart with each other.

  • Radwa:

Radwa is a ceremony to make stronger bond between both the families. It is held just couple of days before the wedding day, so as to ensure that both the families are satisfied and happy with the relation and can take this bond further forever. This ceremony is organized at the bride’s place and only men of both the families are involved in this ceremony.

  • Henna:

A day in girl’s life when she decorates her hands with the henna for her wood be, which is generally brought by the groom’s family. In this ceremony only females from both the families take part and enjoy a lot with lots of dance, music, entertainment and delicious food.

  • Wedding ceremony and reception:

Finally the day arrives when you will be bind with your loved one forever. Arabic wedding planners take a great care to make this ceremony the most memorable one of your entire life. Wedding ceremony is carried by following the instructions of priest so as to follow each wedding rituals. Then a grand reception is held with perfect and amazing décor to celebrate the joy and happiness of this special day with your entire friends and family.


Why you need party planners in Dubai, UAE?

A party planning was never easy and was really a hectic job for all those who were about to plan a party at their own. But Party planners in Dubai, UAE has solved their issues up to a great extent. Different moment needs different kind of party which requires different kind of arrangements, and party planners are those who makes each party perfect by fulfilling each necessity of a party. Are you also struggling to plan a party for any of your special moment of life then don’t stop your steps and go ahead to plan a party with perfection and unique concept along with party planners in Dubai.

Give a way to creativity and start a new trend of parties from your event by choosing the best party planners:


An event can be successful only if it is crafted with perfection at each and every corner. This can be done only with experience, and party planners in Dubai are professionals and have gained experience of arranging number of events of different kinds. Therefore they are well informed with all the circumstances which may or may not occur in an event.


Each day comes up with any event, you might have also attended number of parties, but how many among those you remembered? Only few, Right? Did you ever think about it why those few parties were memorable for you? Of course it may be a day filled with lots of unseen or inexperienced moments which took a big place in your heart. So if you want to make your event one among those then plan your party with creativity and if you are unable to find any creative idea then you can also take suggestions from party organizers in Dubai.


Next thing which makes a party perfect is its venue and its hospitality. Of course you might be busy in celebrating the happiness along your friends and family, and may not be able to greet your entire guests personally. This may be an unseen fact but put a great impact on your event. Therefore party organizers in Dubai suggest you the best party venues in Dubai and also serve you with the best hospitality by giving personal attention to each of your guest.

Not only these but there are many more what party planners do to make your party the best and most remembered moment of your life. They starts planning right from the guest listing and includes invitation, venue selection, theme selection, décor, food, sitting arrangements, music, entertainment and so on to give a perfect


World green economy event 2017: A corporate event to give a pathway for your success

World green economy event 2017: A corporate event to give a pathway for your success

For an organization corporate events really plays an important role not only in providing them visibility in their existing market but also it is greatly helpful to make better connection in your business industry. World green economy event 2017 is one of the greatest examples for which serves with amazing opportunity to each and every industry worldwide. This event not only gives you a chance to present your creative ideas and skills but also assist you to build excellent and profitable connections with other entrepreneurs. To make this event best a number of corporate event management companies are trying their best and successful.

About event:

World green economy event 2017 is going to be held on 24th and 25th Oct 2017 in Dubai, UAE, the city of sheer luxury. This corporate event is organized under the supervision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is not only the ruler of Dubai but also Vice President Prime Minister of UAE. The venue of this corporate event is the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Who will be profited by this event?

This is a worldwide platform for each and every entrepreneur to showcase their skills. If anyone is willing to build partnership with the leading organization to bring your skills and their excellence together by following each protocol then this is the best platform for you. Also if you are an investor and searching for an organization who can utilize your capital in the right direction and can serve you with high returns then also this is the best option for your, or vice versa.

Whatever your business stream is or whatever be your work sector, either public or private this event will serve with the potential to work better in your stream with more creativity and also right support for which you were searching from long back.

Concept of World green economy event:

The concept of conducting such event is to discuss about latest technologies and the right way through which industries must proceed to utilize these technologies in a productive manner. Another main object of this event is to promote the usage of renewable resources and to utilize technologies in such a way which gives eco friendly ways to utilize the technologies and also emphasize on innovations in the respective sector. Each time this corporate event comes up with new concepts, this year the main aim of this event is to serve an international platform for all those who are searching for partners for their companies.

If you are also the one then don’t wait, get set to attend this event and find the best partner for your business progress.


Where to spend and where to save in a big fat Indian wedding?

Where to spend and where to save in a big fat Indian wedding?

Wedding is a legacy of love, when two different souls unite forever to continue the journey of life together. It is a day of grand celebration, which needs a lot of arrangements. But it is also a day when you need to spend a lot of money at various places. But it is topic to discuss where you need expand your hands and where you need to contract to save your money without comprising quality of arrangements. Of course you might be wise enough to take financial decision, but event management is a new world and it needs professionalism to make perfect selection for each task.

If you need to save a huge amount of money in your wedding arrangements, then hiring a wedding planner will be a wise option. They are professionals and have organized a number of weddings, so they are well informed of exact market value of each arrangement and also know in which arrangement how much should be spent.

Know the arrangement sector where you can save money:

  • Invitation card:

Most of the people spend a lot of money in designing invitation card. But if thought wisely you can save a small amount in it. Just bit creativity can save your thousands of bugs. This creative idea you can easily get from wedding planners, they know how to design a simple invitation card in to a stunning one.

Decoration is one of the most important task of wedding arrangements and also money consumption one. But have you ever thought you can save a huge amount of money here also. If not then take advice of wedding planners who will give you accurate and wise ideas. Well if you show bit smartness in choosing your venue then you can save money. A stunning venue or an open area with amazing natural beauty is the best venue to save on décor.

  • Transportation:

Mostly people search a stunning venue without giving much importance to the location. But if you will think precisely then you will find that most of the people are spending a huge amount of money in transportation for entire guest. So if you will select a venue which is easily accessible by each and every guest then it can help you in saving a huge amount of money.

Not only these, there are many aspect during wedding arrangements which can help you in cutting down the expenses. The best step is to plan your wedding at least 8-10 months prior, because most of the best venue and other vendors are booked very soon and also are available in affordable prices. The more you will delay more these arrangements will become costly.


What is your choice: A traditional or a classy wedding?

Wedding day is a moment f life for which each and every one waits for so long. So design this just same as your dream. Don’t ever let this once in a life moments go without fulfilling all your dreams. Of course you may need assistance to make your dream come true. But why you are taking so much stress for that. There are number of wedding planners in Dubai, serving across the world and making your day filled with lots of joy and excitement.

Now if you are selecting wedding planners then you have to think twice to get the best services for your grand day. First investigate your mind, what kind of wedding you are willing to organize. And if you are still confused then here are worth suggestions for you which can simplify your wedding planner selection task. Wedding styles are listed in number of styles, but of we divide it broadly it is categorized only in two types, one if traditional in which you follows each and every ritual of your family and the other is classy where you go trendy with the latest wedding styles.

If you are still having confusion then here is an elaborate description about types of weddings and wedding planners needed to make graceful arrangements

Traditional weddings:

Are you willing to wed by following each and every tradition and custom followed by your family? Then you must select traditional wedding planners. They are experts in organizing Indian and Arabian weddings and are well informed with each ritual. Indian wedding planners assist you at the location of your choice.

Classy weddings: 

Now trends have been changed and people are moving in the track of showoff and willing do each event in a grand way. Latest wedding trends include different types of weddings, such as theme wedding, destination wedding, beach wedding, and so on. Of course you need assistance for to make this amazing arrangement prefect and creative. You can avail services of wedding planners to make a perfect and memorable day.

Know what all services are offered by wedding planners:

Personalized wedding packages:

Requirements and budget of each wedding is different and also each time dreams of couples varies. Therefore wedding planners serves each couple with a personalized wedding pack which is charging only for their requirements, nothing extra. Packages are customized and just count the aspects which are chosen by couple.

Vendor management:

Few like to be sober and few loves to go with high colors and arrangements. Therefore vendor selection must be done by keeping your taste in mind. Wedding planners give a special consideration to your choice and select each vendor as per your choice.

Design and décor:

Adding sparkling and twinkling effects to your wedding is just dependent on design and décor of your wedding venue. If right artist is not chosen it may spoil all rest of your arrangement. Wedding planners in Dubai serves you with the best designers and decorators to enhance your wedding with perfection and creation.


Life comes up with number of events, and few of them must be celebrated with a great pomp and show. Each event has its own importance and if celebrated with perfection it can fill your day with wonderful colors and also can give you amazing memories for rest of your life. Perfection is a key to success. And to make your life perfect you may need assistance at each step. Event Management Company in Dubai is the right hand to assist you for various celebrations as per the requirement of event.

Special moment of your life when you can take assistance of event Management Company:


wedding planners in dubai,uae

Wedding is one of the most awaited moments of life when you are stuck with lots and lots of work and also you need to plan your wedding. At this time you can take assistance of wedding planners in Dubai to make your wedding arrangements simpler. They will take care of your arrangements with detailed eye perfection. Most of the couples prefer destination wedding which is several miles away from their home town. Are you also planning for a wedding at a stunning location then you can take assistance of destination wedding planners in Dubai?

Professional events:


Success means a lot in your professional life, and also it requires celebration. But the question is you are fantastic in your profession life but are you really good in event management? If not, then you need a helping hand, like event Management Company to make your event successful.

Customized events:


Sometime celebrations and happiness doesn’t need any reason, just it is a moment of enjoyment whenever you feel. Event Management Company in Dubai can serve you with customized services which can fulfill each of your requirements. Either it is a stage show or a birthday party; you can take assistance of professionals to make it perfect.

Plan The Most Important Day of your life In A Memorable Way!

Wedding! This one word has a lot of emotions connected to it. A day when two hearts, deep in love, become one. Two souls united for life in an un-breakable bond. This special occasion is no less than a fairytale story, where the Prince and Princess are finally together and live happily ever after.

Every single thing this day needs to be perfect. From the very first moment of this beautiful event to the end of it, everything has to be the best, so that nobody ever forgets it, neither the bride and groom, nor the families and guests.

To have a perfect and memorable wedding, you first need to decide upon the type of wedding you want. It is Your Big Day! It has to be the best. There are a huge bundle of ideas when it comes to planning a wedding. But there are also a few important tips to keep in mind. From planning on the type of wedding you want to deciding upon the venue, the wedding decoration, theme, guestlist, and the list just goes on and on, there is a lot of pre-planning to be done ahead of your big day. And everything has to be perfectly planned. You don’t want your big day to be a disaster, do you?

So here is a quick guide on the types of wedding by the wedding planners in Dubai. Read each one carefully and decide on the one which has attracted you the most and made you feel like, “Yeah, this is my dream wedding”!


  1. Destination Weddings

The most loved weddings at present. What can be better than getting married in your favourite country? The most loved wedding destination at present is Dubai, UAE. It has become the hub of destination weddings. Weddings in Dubai are very unique and luxurious. You get a huge variety of choices to get married in Dubai. The weddings held here are very grand and people won’t stop talking about them for atleast a year. The best weather to get married in Dubai is October to May. The luxury five star hotels in Dubai are in abundance. You can book an evening ball room for an elegant reception. Some other popular and luxurious wedding venues are resorts, five star private islands and even golf and polo clubs. You can hire a destination wedding planner in Dubai to discuss all your ideas.

Apart from Dubai, other popular wedding destinations around the world are Australia, New Zealand, Italy (Venice and Rome to be precise), Paris in France (Who would not want to get married in the most romantic city of the world?), Bahamas, Caribbean, Greece, and the list is just larger than ever.

Before you finalize your destination, you must do a quick research on the expenses and your budget. You can hire a good wedding planning organization and share your ideas with them.


  1. Beach Wedding

Ah, the beach! Even the thought of it can be so soothing to your mind. The waves, the golden sand, the sunset, and you holding your partner’s hands. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? But hold on there. The idea of a beach wedding may sound very exotic, but do not forget that the climate of coastal areas are always un-predictable. It is really very important for you to first check about the weather of your desired location and which time of the year would be perfect for the wedding. You wouldn’t want your beach wedding to turn out to be a disaster because of the weather would you? Beach wedding planners in Dubai will plan your beach wedding in the most beautiful way you can ever imagine.

The best and exotic locations around the globe for beach weddings are Dubai (UAE), Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Caribbean, Jamaica, U.S.A, and the list is too long to be named. Beach is the best idea for Summer wedding. And the best time in a day for a perfect beach wedding is the mid-noon. This time of the day would give you the warm and cozy feeling. You can even have a post-wedding date with your partner on the beach and a romantic late-evening walk by the water.


  1. Theme Wedding

Being your big day, you would want it to be ‘Your Way’! You would want to put in your ideas and make it your ‘Dream Wedding’. There is a huge variety to choose from when it comes to theme weddings. Royal weddings, fairytale weddings, Retro Weddings, Disney-themed wedding are some of the most popular themes presently. Who would not want to feel like a Prince or Princess on your big day? You can also copy a wedding from your favourite film or daily soap, or even a real-life wedding of your favourite celebrity. Theme wedding planners in Dubai are well-known to plan the best themed weddings.


Wedding planning isn’t an easy task. Apart from choosing the type of wedding you want, you also have to choose your wedding outfits according to your choice of wedding and location, the functions you would want to have, the guest list, the décor, the food, and a lot more pre-planning needs to be done. But before anything, the first and foremost thing to do is to hire a good wedding planning organization like the wedding planners in UAE. You just have to tell them your ideas and they will implement it. Your budget will also be taken care of by them.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime special occasion! It has to be at its best! Just a little planning to be sorted out, and then you will have an un-forgettable event for a lifetime.


Stunning destinations in UAE to plan your wedding

Stunning destinations in UAE to plan your wedding

Wedding comes with lots of joy and emotions simultaneously. It is not only an event but a new turn in the journey of your life when a new companion joins you forever. So don’t you think you must start this event of your life with much more pomp and show, with something extra which can be remembered throughout the life? If yes, then take a step towards Destination wedding planners in UAE to make your wedding grand.

Most of the couple opt to wed at a destination far from their location so as to spend quality time with their loved ones and family. Dubai is one of the prior choices of couples because of its sheer luxury and amazing places that you can make as your wedding venue.

Some of the destinations at UAE, where you can plan your wedding:


Dubai is the heart of UAE with floating luxury in the air. If you have chosen Dubai as your destination then you are availed with number of options. Dubai serves you with beaches, luxurious hotels, royal wedding venue, delicious food, and so on, to make your wedding complete and memorable. If you are finding it difficult to organize wedding there, then you can avail services of destination wedding planners in Dubai for excellent assistance.

How to go there:

Dubai is well connected with other cities and countries via road/airways. In case of shorter distance you can opt roadways else you can go with any of the airlines company for your convenient transportation.

Best season to visit:

Season wise Dubai only experience hot and hotter weather throughout the year. Therefore, duration of November – March is best to host your wedding.


Places to explore:

Dubai offers so many beaches and countless luxurious and historical architecture to visit. Along with your wedding you can gift a lovely holiday trip to all those who took part in your wedding. Few places which you can explore in Dubai are listed below:

  • Burj Khalifa, which is recognized as a landmark building of Dubai and is 829.8 meters in height making a record of highest building in the world.
  • Dubai mall is the prominent mall of Dubai offering shops, gaming zone, cinema, ice-skating rink and many more to fill entertainment in your journey.
  • Dubai museum is located in an ancient fort build in 1787. This architecture gives a clear view of Arabic superlative artists who designed in such a beautiful way.

Abu Dhabi:

If you are willing to wed at a romantic ambience like beaches then Abu Dhabi is the right place for you. Splashes of ocean makes you feel lively, its culture and heritage makes your journey complete. Destination wedding planners in UAE assist you find the best wedding venue for your grand day, based on your requirements.

How to go there:

Abu Dhabi serves you with a hyper looped transportation facility which makes your journey comfortable. It is well connected other cities via road and air ways, other than that you can easily get transport for local journey.

Best season to visit:

April- May and September – October is the best time to visit Abu-Dhabi, as it welcomes you with the most pleasant climate at this time duration. Other reason to select this time for your wedding is that the city is less crowded and also you can find reasonable hotels.

Places to explore:

Along with your wedding give a long and memorable holiday trip to your entire guests. There are so many places in Abu Dhabi which you can explore and gain a bag full of pleasant memories. Few of the places are listed below:

  • Sheikh zayed grand mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world with the capacity of 40,000 worshipers at once. It is an incomparable example of historical architecture which will surely steal your heart. The beauty of this mosque can’t be described in words.
  • Ferrari world is the most pleasing theme park with countless Ferrari inspired rides to fill your trip with joy and also delicious dine.
  • Yas Island waterpark is expanded over a huge area and serves you with 43 amazing and amusing water rides.


This city is known for the cultural heritage and amazing architecture. This the first city developed with residential area. This city serves you with the luxury, comfort and also stunning places like beaches and parks where you can plan your destination wedding.

Ho to go there?

Sharjah is well known for the connectivity and is ranked in the top 10 cities of world. Therefore if you have selected Sharjah for your destination wedding then you need to worry about your transportation.

Best time to visit:

The perfect time to visit Sharjah is in winter season, i.e. between October and April. At this time temperature of this city drops to 20 degree making a pleasant atmosphere for your visit.

Places to explore:

Sharjah welcomes you with several places to explore which will surely steal your heart. Some of those places are listed below which you can include in your list to make your wedding memorable:

  • Arts Museum is one of the largest museums in UAE. It has 72 art galleries spread over three floors of that building and giving you an amazing place to explore and add in your wedding scrapbook as lovely memories along with your friends and family.
  • Sharjah central market is best place for you if you are a shopping freak. This market is also named as blue souk because of its blue tiled architecture. This market comprises of 600 shops, serving you for each and every necessity, such as jewelry, dresses, perfumes, electronic goods and so on.

There is a huge list of places that you can explore during your UAE trip, and also you can find excellent accommodation and delicious food which makes your wedding complete. And for rest of your event arrangements you can avail services of destination wedding planners in UAE, who will not only assist you in organizing your wedding but also will fill each moment with joy and surprises.