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Where can you plan destination wedding in UAE?

It is said that “Wedding is planned in the heaven and it is a holy bonding which binds two souls together”. So don’t you think this kind of event must be celebrated in the most special way which can be memorized throughout the life? If yes, then plan something out of the box which can make this day as special as your life. If you are searching for such a place which can give you a heavenly feeling then you can take assistance of Destination wedding planner in Dubai who will suggest you the best destinations all around the world.

If you are a luxury lover then you must choose locations in the Middle East countries where you will find the best destinations in the most affordable price. Destination wedding planners are aware of each and every best location of UAE, just you share your dreams with the wedding planners and they will serve you with the most amazing places which convert your dreams into reality.

Destination wedding Dubai
Best locations to plan a destination wedding:

UAE offers you multiple options for planning a Destination wedding. What is your dream location? A beach, royal palace, luxurious hotel, and so on, whatever are your choice you will get each and every kind of destination in UAE. Here is the list of best places in Middle East where you can ask your Destination wedding planner to organize your grand day:

Destination wedding in Dubai:

Are you planning a wedding in between December and March? Then planning Destination wedding Dubai is best option for you. Here is the list of destination where you can plan your indelible wedding:




  1. Jumeirah Beach
  2. Burj Beach
  3. Mamzer Beach
  4. Jebel Ali Beach


  1. Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai
  2. Sofitel Dubai Downtown
  3. Hilton Dubai Creek
  4. Jumeirah Emirates Towers
  5. JW Marriott Hotel Dubai



Destination wedding in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi is renowned for its natural beauty as it is located on a T shaped island. And also this is an ancient city which has witnessed centuries and offers number of royal forts. Few of the best places where you can plan your Destination wedding in Abu Dhabi are listed below:

  • Saadiyat Public Beach
  • Corniche Beach
  • Al Bateen Beach
  • Hiltonia Beach Club
  • Nation Riviera Beach Club
  • Emirates Palace Beach Club
  • Beach Rotana
  • Zaya Nurai island

Destination wedding in Sharjah:

Have you selected to organize your Destination wedding in Sharjah and you are struggling to get a list of best places which can be a memorized lifelong, then here are few suggestions:

  • Khor Fakkan Beaches
  • Lou Lou’a beach
  • Sharjah Beach
  • Hilton Sharjah
  • Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah
  • Coral Beach Resort Sharjah
  • Swiss-Belhotel Sharjah
  • AlHamra Hotel
  • Sharjah Carlton Hotel

Destination in Middle East countries doesn’t end here. Destination wedding in Ras Al Khaimah  and  Ajman is also well known because it offers a number of places where you can plan your day in your own manner. Even apart from the above mentioned list, there are many more places with which these Middle East countries are jam-packed. So don’t wait more, just give a call to your wedding planner Dubai and share your thoughts with them so that they can organize the same which give you the best day of your life.


A wedding planner’s guide: To plan a mind blowing day

Wedding is one of the most auspicious moments of life which must be celebrated with great pomp and show. Most of the people plan for it but are unable to make their dream come true, as they don’t get the proper platform to execute their plans. If you are also one of the couple who are waiting for their dream day and willing to make it the best time to remember throughout the journey of life then you must think something out of the box. If you are not able to think something creative then you can also take assistance of wedding planners in Dubai, who will guide you the best and most affordable way to plan your wedding.

wedding planning

How to plan a wedding?

First thing which you might be willing to know from a wedding planner is how they are going to plan a wedding which can provide you an amazing experience. Planning is the basic element for any wedding to organize it in a flawless manner. The start their planning from guest listing, selecting designer and creative invitation cards, selecting best and affordable wedding venues in Dubai, selecting wedding dresses, and so on.



Wedding photography is another important aspect for which you must be concerned because this will be the only element which keeps your memories alive for lifelong by capturing most amazing moments as pictures. To hire the best wedding photographer you can take assistance of event managements companies in Dubai, who will assist you to find the best as they are already having excellent connections with the top cinematographers so that you don’t need to take any risk by doing experiments.


Types of wedding with which you can make your day grand:

There are different styles of wedding which couples choose to make their day grand and creative. Even it is a way to live your dream. Which is your dreamed wedding, just share your dreams with wedding planners in Dubai and they will arrange each and every element required for the perfect wedding. Few type of wedding are listed below:


Destination wedding:

Wedding at a destination far from the residence is dream for number of couples. Which is your dream destination? If you have selected any location then you can ask your wedding planners to organize the best wedding at the location of your choice or else you can take suggestions from your destination wedding planner to give you best options and other arrangements too. Top destinations to choose for your grand day are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaima, Sharjah, Ajman, and so on.



Beach wedding:

If you have selected UAE as your wedding destination, then it is the best choice you have made. UAE offers younumber of stunning beaches with crystal clear water and natural scenery which make your wedding an indelible moment for everyone taking part in it. Beach wedding planners in Dubai can serve you with the list of all best beaches and also can arrange the best wedding there along with legal permission, and other arrangements.


theme wedding

Theme wedding:

Many people dream to live a life in some or other way but they are not able to make it as per their wishes. If you are also one among those and are willing to live your dream at least on your wedding day then you can as your theme wedding planner to develop your dreams into wedding venues and give the most pleasant arrangements based on the requirements, starting from designing and decorating your wedding venue, selecting a theme based wedding invitation, selecting the best costume for couple and also for guest to make a proper theme based ambience.



Cruise wedding:

To add some adventure and creativity to the grand day you can plan for a cruise wedding. Yes of course it needs a number of arrangements, such as booking cruise, taking permission to sail, budget planning and so on. May these all task seems to be so hectic for you but if you will take assistance of a cruise wedding planners in Dubai then you can plan your wedding in the best and most pleasing way.



Royal wedding:

A royal wedding is a dream for most of the couples. If you are also one among them then don’t wait more, go ahead and ask your wedding planner to plan your amazing day at the most luxurious and exotic palace which can give you a royal feeling. There are numbers of forts, palaces or luxurious hotels available where you can plan a grand wedding.


Indian wedding:

Are you a tradition follower living far from your mother country and willing to wedding in a traditional Indian style at the country miles away from India? You can take assistance of Indian wedding planners in Dubai who are well informed with each and every Indian traditions and rituals and also have excellent connections with the vendors required for the perfect wedding planning.



Arabic wedding:

Willing to wed in a traditional Arabic style and you are not actually having any idea how to plan it based on the rituals. Then you can hire any Arabic wedding planner in Dubai who can assist you throughout the wedding arrangements and events also to make it the best and amazing one.


Does hiring Wedding planner in Dubai is beneficial as per budget concern?

ext]Wedding is a great event which brings lots and lots of happiness but it is also a time when you need to spend a huge amount of money to celebrate this occasion. Most of the people think that hiring a wedding planner is something which can only be done by those who are having a huge budget and willing to spend a big amount of money. But it is not a fact, just a myth. Wedding planners in Dubai works in a systematic way which helps you to save money instead spending on unnecessary things. If you don’t believe then this blog will surely assist you to know the reality and also t save a huge amount along with the best and most creative wedding arrangements.

Wedding planner in dubai

To know how wedding planners in Dubai are affordable, first you need to know the strategy they use for wedding planning:

To understand how wedding planners can reduce the expenses first you need to know their work strategy and the creativity which they can induce to your wedding arrangement which you can never do by spending more and more money also, because it is not about money it is all about professionalism.

Venue booking:

Major part of estimated budget is consumed by the venue booking, but if precisely seen it is the only element in wedding where you can save a huge amount of money. If you are not able to save money in this then you hire the best wedding planner in Dubai as they are well known with each and every stunning venues and are also having excellent connections over there through which they are able to crack the deal in the least possible amount which you won’t be able to do and may invest a big amount there.



Decoration is another aspect on which most of the people spends millions and millions to give a stunning look to the venue. But if  you use a bit creativity then spending much money is not required, rather if used in a right manner then with less expenditure also you can decorate the venue in most stunning manner which will  definitely steal your heart.


If your family members will be busy is welcoming your entire guest then what about enjoyment? They may lose the best moment of their life. Instead if you hire wedding organizers in Dubai they will take care of each hospitality activity, such as welcoming guests, serving them continuously with snacks and beverages, including them in enjoyment and entertainment.

A wedding planner works to make your day beautiful and memorable forever. Therefore hiring wedding organizers can never be a loss statement for you; instead it is an asset for your life long.


Types of weddings organized by event management companies in Dubai

Everyone is having their own thoughts for their grand day of wedding, and everyone is willing to make this day memorable forever. There are different ways in which wedding can be planned and organized. Which is yours preferred one? Are you not having much information about different type of wedding themes then you can take assistance of  Wedding planner,Dubai and can make your day grand and the most joyous one. They are well known of various wedding styles and are also experienced so can serve you with a flawless wedding arrangements in the same manner as you were expecting.

wedding planners

Here is the list of different wedding styles for which wedding planners in Dubai can assist you:

Give a blasting celebration to your wedding dreams. Plan your dream wedding and enjoy the day. Here are few of the most preferred wedding styles provided by Event management companies,Dubai  which can give you the most memorable day of your life.

Theme wedding:

A number of people are having certain dreams to live their life but all are not able to live their dreams. Theme wedding planners, Dubai facilitate you to live your dream at least on your grand day by developing the venue same as your selected theme and also suggest you the best suitable costume which can actually justify the wedding theme. Theme wedding planners arrange each and every element of your wedding based on the theme, such as venue selection, designer invitation selection, cuisine, and so on.

Arabic wedding:

Are you willing to wed in a Arabic style then you must take assistance of Arabic wedding planners who can plan a wedding for you which is followed by each and every Arabic ritual, including a priest who is well known with the chants and other rituals required for an traditional Arabic wedding.

Destination wedding:

There are several places all round the globe which you are willing to visit at least once, but few location become dream destination for wedding but planning wedding at such a distant place is bit hectic work. If you are also dreaming for a Destination wedding at a location miles far away from your residence then you may take assistance of Destination wedding planners,Dubai who can help you plan a perfect wedding anywhere.

Beach wedding Planner

Beach wedding:

Beach is a place which is loved by each and every person, but planning a wedding there is not as simple as is looks like. It needs a lot of preparation and it starts with selecting a beach and taking legal permission to organize a wedding there. Yes it sounds a bit puzzled work but can be solved with just hiring Beach wedding planners,Dubai who manages each and every wedding arrangement from starting till a stunning and joyous reception.


List of dos and don’ts for perfect wedding decorations

List of dos and don’ts for perfect wedding decorations

Is it your wedding and you want to make it one of the most stunning which can be memorized by each and every person taking part in it? If yes, then you can’t just leave your decoration responsibilities on any of your known people who are not much familiar with decors and latest trends of wedding decorations.  To make a perfect wedding ambiance you must take assistance of wedding planners in Dubai, who are having experience of several years and the best part is that they are using high tech technologies which gives perfection along with being trendy. But there are number of things which you must be concerned about during wedding decorations, if you want to know then continue reading because here you will get right information which will surely give you an amazing wedding.

List of dos and don’ts of wedding decorations are listed below:


  • Include flowers in your decoration check list. Flowers are although loved by most of people. And also it gives a pleasing ambiance to your wedding making it stunning and amazing.
  • Lights are the another way to make your wedding stunning, but choosing the best and suitable light is more important than just choosing lights for decorations.
  • Draped props are trending these days. In a wedding you can also drape ceiling, pillars and seating with excellent bright color combinations to arrange the best wedding decorations. 

    Wedding Decoration Companies in Dubai


  • Planning each corner of event venue is good but you must be concerned about one thing that you are not over doing at each element.
  • Over doing things can spoil the total appearance of wedding venue.
  • Before selecting lights for your wedding decoration you must first plan timing of your event. If it is in day time then lights is not needed of the decoration but of you have opted night hours then including lights will be a wise option.
  • Including too much props is also not right as it may cover rest of the arrangements which you have done and can overwhelm rest arrangements.

If you want to design your selected wedding venue in you desired ambiance then you can select an Event management company in Dubai and can share your desired Theme wedding with them. They will surely give the venue in the same manner as per you were willing to.


Which strategies are used by event planners in Dubai to organize the best event?

Event can never be defined as gathering of few people and a bit decoration of venue, but it is much more than that. Each day number of events are been organized but only few of those are counted as successful and memorable. Anyone can plan and organize an event, but to make that day the best for all those who took part in that event is a great deal. Planning and execution are two different part of an event planning. Most of people plan a number of things to organize the event but only few of them are able to execute the same as they planned. To drag your plan into existence you need an effective strategy which can give you expected results. Event planners in Dubai are experienced and work on proven strategies so as to attain the expected result and also to make each event an unseen one.

Most of the event management companies own a tech savvy team so as to simplify the event management process and make it one of the most flawless one. Few of the strategies which are used by event organizers in Dubai are listed below:

Pre booking:

This is the fact that each and every excellent vendors and also venues get booked at the very first point. Therefore to serve with the best services and venue of your choice, event management companies book every required facet in advance so to get in lower rates and also a confirmed booking.

Make use of excellent connection:

Either a huge event or a small one, budget remains the main concern for each and every one. Therefore event planners in Dubai make use of their connections all round the world and try to crack the deal with each vendor at the lowest possible cost. This helps you to save a huge amount of money.

No experiments:

The biggest mistake which is normally done by a fresher is that they go for the experiments. But the only thing you have to keep in mind is this event is very special for the host and is being organized to accomplish a particular purpose. So if you does experiments then there is a 50-50 change to get success or not. If it succeeds then well and good, but if not then it may put a bad impact of the work history of that event management company. Therefore experienced event planners never opt any kind of experiments and only choose the proven and successful techniques which ensure to give excellent results with a stunning, well arranged and amazing event.


How Arabic wedding planners in Dubai can make your day amazing?

Wedding is although an amazing day for which each and everyone is having multiple dreams. Of course people want to make this amazing day memorable but when it is an Arabic wedding and you are willing to make it a traditional one then you may require an assistance of Arabic wedding planners in Dubai. The wedding planners are well informed with each and every tradition which must be followed in an Arabic wedding keeping each ritual as an important one.

There are number of rituals followed in an Arabic wedding starting from engagement till wedding reception. Arabic wedding planners are professionals and make it more than a tradition which means fill each moment with lots and lots of enjoyment making it as one of the most memorable day of your life.

Arabic wedding traditions and enjoyment:

  • Engagement:

It is a day when the couple exchanges their rings in front of friends and family and accepting each other as their wood be better half. More or less it is like wedding reception which is carried over with music, entertainment, dance, delicious cuisine, and lot more. It is not made as grand as wedding reception but still a really memorable day for the couple which connects their heart with each other.

  • Radwa:

Radwa is a ceremony to make stronger bond between both the families. It is held just couple of days before the wedding day, so as to ensure that both the families are satisfied and happy with the relation and can take this bond further forever. This ceremony is organized at the bride’s place and only men of both the families are involved in this ceremony.

  • Henna:

A day in girl’s life when she decorates her hands with the henna for her wood be, which is generally brought by the groom’s family. In this ceremony only females from both the families take part and enjoy a lot with lots of dance, music, entertainment and delicious food.

  • Wedding ceremony and reception:

Finally the day arrives when you will be bind with your loved one forever. Arabic wedding planners take a great care to make this ceremony the most memorable one of your entire life. Wedding ceremony is carried by following the instructions of priest so as to follow each wedding rituals. Then a grand reception is held with perfect and amazing décor to celebrate the joy and happiness of this special day with your entire friends and family.

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Things to consider before selecting party halls in Dubai

Are you in a party mood and willing to make this weekend the best and the most memorable one for your life but not getting any particular place for your event? Then here is the solution of your problem. If you hire a party planner in Dubai then you can be able to plan your party flawlessly, but if you are willing to plan it in your own way by yourself then this blog will be really helpful for you. Dubai is a city of sheer luxury where you will get countless party halls but the only concern before selecting one among them is which one will be suitable for your party.

While selecting a party hall in Dubai you must think about each trait that a party venue can serve with. So once your event date is fixed then start searching your perfect venue immediately, because the more you delay to book venue more it will become harder to get a party venue of your choice.

Here is the checklist which you must carry while booking a venue for your party in Dubai:

  • Capacity:

Party is a moment of your life when you enjoy with all your friends and family leaving each and every limitations far away. So while selecting a venue you must check either that venue is capable to accommodate your entire guest or not. If you select a venue of lesser capacity than the guests invited then it may make everything messed up. And also if you book a venue larger than required then it will be wastage of your money. So choose wisely and invest your money at the right place.

  • Budget:

Budget plays a great concern while booking a party venue. You can get same venue capacity in various price ranges therefore you have to select the one which is within your budget limit. While setting your budget limit also keep in mind that you need to spend on rest arrangements also like cuisine, décor, seating arrangements and so on.

  • Locality:

Locality of venue plays an important role in making your event the best day of your life. Search a venue which is easily accessible by your entire guest list and the place is well connected with various means of transportation.

There are many more aspects which are to be taken care while selecting a venue, such as availability of that venue on your desired date, availability of various required vendors for that particular venue, does the venue is appropriate for your party motive and whether it is justifying your party objective and so on. So keep this checklist while going to select a party hall in Dubai to make it the best day of your life.