Wedding! This one word has a lot of emotions connected to it. A day when two hearts, deep in love, become one. Two souls united for life in an un-breakable bond. This special occasion is no less than a fairytale story, where the Prince and Princess are finally together and live happily ever after.

Every single thing this day needs to be perfect. From the very first moment of this beautiful event to the end of it, everything has to be the best, so that nobody ever forgets it, neither the bride and groom, nor the families and guests.

To have a perfect and memorable wedding, you first need to decide upon the type of wedding you want. It is Your Big Day! It has to be the best. There are a huge bundle of ideas when it comes to planning a wedding. But there are also a few important tips to keep in mind. From planning on the type of wedding you want to deciding upon the venue, the wedding decoration, theme, guestlist, and the list just goes on and on, there is a lot of pre-planning to be done ahead of your big day. And everything has to be perfectly planned. You don’t want your big day to be a disaster, do you?

So here is a quick guide on the types of wedding by the wedding planners in Dubai. Read each one carefully and decide on the one which has attracted you the most and made you feel like, “Yeah, this is my dream wedding”!


  1. Destination Weddings

The most loved weddings at present. What can be better than getting married in your favourite country? The most loved wedding destination at present is Dubai, UAE. It has become the hub of destination weddings. Weddings in Dubai are very unique and luxurious. You get a huge variety of choices to get married in Dubai. The weddings held here are very grand and people won’t stop talking about them for atleast a year. The best weather to get married in Dubai is October to May. The luxury five star hotels in Dubai are in abundance. You can book an evening ball room for an elegant reception. Some other popular and luxurious wedding venues are resorts, five star private islands and even golf and polo clubs. You can hire a destination wedding planner in Dubai to discuss all your ideas.

Apart from Dubai, other popular wedding destinations around the world are Australia, New Zealand, Italy (Venice and Rome to be precise), Paris in France (Who would not want to get married in the most romantic city of the world?), Bahamas, Caribbean, Greece, and the list is just larger than ever.

Before you finalize your destination, you must do a quick research on the expenses and your budget. You can hire a good wedding planning organization and share your ideas with them.


  1. Beach Wedding

Ah, the beach! Even the thought of it can be so soothing to your mind. The waves, the golden sand, the sunset, and you holding your partner’s hands. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? But hold on there. The idea of a beach wedding may sound very exotic, but do not forget that the climate of coastal areas are always un-predictable. It is really very important for you to first check about the weather of your desired location and which time of the year would be perfect for the wedding. You wouldn’t want your beach wedding to turn out to be a disaster because of the weather would you? Beach wedding planners in Dubai will plan your beach wedding in the most beautiful way you can ever imagine.

The best and exotic locations around the globe for beach weddings are Dubai (UAE), Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Caribbean, Jamaica, U.S.A, and the list is too long to be named. Beach is the best idea for Summer wedding. And the best time in a day for a perfect beach wedding is the mid-noon. This time of the day would give you the warm and cozy feeling. You can even have a post-wedding date with your partner on the beach and a romantic late-evening walk by the water.


  1. Theme Wedding

Being your big day, you would want it to be ‘Your Way’! You would want to put in your ideas and make it your ‘Dream Wedding’. There is a huge variety to choose from when it comes to theme weddings. Royal weddings, fairytale weddings, Retro Weddings, Disney-themed wedding are some of the most popular themes presently. Who would not want to feel like a Prince or Princess on your big day? You can also copy a wedding from your favourite film or daily soap, or even a real-life wedding of your favourite celebrity. Theme wedding planners in Dubai are well-known to plan the best themed weddings.


Wedding planning isn’t an easy task. Apart from choosing the type of wedding you want, you also have to choose your wedding outfits according to your choice of wedding and location, the functions you would want to have, the guest list, the décor, the food, and a lot more pre-planning needs to be done. But before anything, the first and foremost thing to do is to hire a good wedding planning organization like the wedding planners in UAE. You just have to tell them your ideas and they will implement it. Your budget will also be taken care of by them.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime special occasion! It has to be at its best! Just a little planning to be sorted out, and then you will have an un-forgettable event for a lifetime.